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Born and Raised...

Having been born and raised in Cambridge, more specifically Hespeler, I have a second-to-none understanding of the Cambridge Market. Not only did I grow up in the city and culture, but I also decided to put down roots in Cambridge with my young family. So I know the importance of location, the need to be close to amenities, schools and daycare providers, and the functionality of getting access to the 401!

My market knowledge isn't just Cambridge, but actually encompasses the Tri-Cities, and that includes the Royal City of Guelph. I was fortunate to have been able to attend University of Guelph and spend my university days living in Guelph, while attaining my BA. It was while being a student that I was able to explore Guelph and live in all areas of the city.

In addition to attending school in Guelph, I was lucky enough to have found and married a "Guelph girl." Naturally, this brought my knowledge of Guelph to the next level! Let me use my knowledge and resources to help you become familiar with Guelph and all it has to offer to young professionals, young families, and young baby boomers.

And believe it or not, my career as a Red Seal Carpenter and foreman with Traugott Building Contractors Inc. for nearly a decade afforded me great opportunity to travel not only the Tri-Cities and Greater Toronto Area, but also the country. So while I was working as a tradesman and learning the trade from the ground up, I was also always paying close attention to the local real estate markets that I was located in.

My experience and knowledge can certainly help you decide on the perfect location for your next real estate endeavour. 

Whether it's your first home, your forever home, or an investment property, call me today and let's get started!